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“What You Need to Know”

In an effort to guide you through this process, we’d like to answer some questions you may have and inform you of “What You Need to Know”.

Q. Should I order the headstone from a company that sells them online?
A. We, along with most NJ cemeteries, would recommend that you purchase your loved one’s headstone at a company familiar with NJ cemetery regulations.

Monument companies found online may offer many attractive enticements such as “Free Shipping”. Well, that is quite enticing, but how are you going to have a headstone that is delivered to your home installed at the cemetery? Most NJ cemeteries simply cannot or will not accept delivery of a headstone, even if it is shipped there for free.

There are many other considerations that require the headstone be purchased from a non-internet based monument company. Trust us, we receive phone calls on a far too regular basis from families that have made this mistake. Honoring your loved one with a headstone is just not as easy as pointing and clicking to a headstone you like. Frankly, it shouldn’t be.

Q. I found NJ Headstones online, so how are you different?
A. NJ Headstones maintains an internet presence for marketing purposes only, not as a sales channel. We are an established and experienced, New Jersey based monument company that maintains a monument production facility and multiple showrooms.

Q. The cemetery offered to sell me a headstone; shouldn’t I buy it from them?
A. You should not buy a headstone from the cemetery, in fact, in most cases, it is illegal for the cemetery to sell headstones! NJ Cemeteries are prohibited by law (New Jersey Cemetery Act) from selling headstones if they are a “Certificate of Authority Cemetery”.

Q. How much will the headstone cost?
A. Certain factors, such as the size and color impact the cost of your headstone. Therefore, we cannot provide you with an exact dollar amount for the cost of your headstone. However, we guarantee that you will not find the headstone you have chosen at a more affordable price. Our ability to control the manufacturing cost allows us to offer you the highest quality headstone at the lowest possible price. We don’t pay the manufacturer, why should you?

Q. Does placing a design on the headstone cost extra?
A. Most monument companies charge a fee to place designs on a headstone. This is because they are charged a “design” fee from the manufacturer. NJ Headstones has over 20,000 designs from which to choose, all of which are included in the cost of the headstone free of charge.

Q. Does it cost extra to add additional wording to the headstone?
A. Most monument companies charge their families a “per letter fee”. This fee is charged because they are charged a “per letter fee” by the manufacturer. NJ Headstones will place as many words on your headstone as you wish, free of charge. We can do this because we are the manufacturer.

Q. Are there any fees associated with placing the headstone in a cemetery?
A. The cemetery will charge a fee for the installation of your chosen headstone. Most often, this fee is for the installation of a required foundation. NJ Headstones will discover this fee and submit the associated paper work on your behalf. You may finance this fee through NJ Headstones at zero-interest.

Q. What payment options do you offer?
A. NJ Headstones offers our families wholesale prices, with easy zero-interest financing. You may make these payments with cash, check, money order, all major credit cards accepted.

Q. Do I have to wait 6 months until I can memorialize my loved one?
A. In most cases, it is not necessary to wait 6 months until you can memorialize your loved one. The reason it is not necessary to wait is because in many cases, the grave location of your loved one has a prepoured foundation. A prepoured foundation makes it possible to place a headstone at the grave of your loved one at any time.

Q. How long will it take to complete the headstone?
A. Due to our own on premises monument production facility, NJ Headstones can complete your headstone the same day you order it. Most often your headstone will be completed and awaiting cemetery acceptance, typically in 3-4 weeks.

Q. What type of headstone is required for installation at my loved one’s cemetery?
A. Cemetery Regulations often dictate the kind of headstone that must be installed. There are many different types of headstones, please review our Image Gallery. NJ Headstones will assist you in designing a headstone that meets both your needs and the requirements of the cemetery.

Q. Can the headstone be in a language other than English?
A. Yes, NJ Headstones can accommodate any wish you may have, including creating the headstone in any language.

Q. Can I place a picture of my loved one on the headstone?
A. Yes, NJ Headstones offers many ways to include an image on your loved one’s headstone. Options range from a porcelain memorial photo to a hand etching produced by our onsite artist.

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